👋 Hi! I’m Joel Glovier. I’m a human being human.

…which is just a fun way of saying that I’m on a tech industry sabbatical right now, focused on getting healthy physically and mentally (I have had a life long journey with depression and anxiety), restoring balance to my personal and family life, re-connecting with my soul (my passions, creativity, art, faith, etc), and re-discovering my calling and inspiration for the chapter of life ahead.

In 2018 I served as Head of Design at Netlify where I worked with a small but mighty team of passionate people making websites faster and deployment simpler.

Before joining Netlify, I was a product design lead at GitHub where I worked with several teams over the course of my five years there including: platform & ecosystem, core workflow, design systems, the creative department, new user experience, and user growth.

Prior to GitHub I was a visual design engineer and tech lead at appendTo, a front-end shop, where I worked on awesome client projects like the TIME Magazine responsive redesign.

Prior to that I was principal designer at an amazing nonprofit called CURE International, and I still stay involved with CURE in my free time as a core contributor to the open source project HospitalRun.

And way back in the day I did freelance graphic and web design full-time for several years.

I enjoy writing about things I learn, speaking occasionally, and collecting experiences in general. I also enjoy using side projects to learn new things and to have a creative outlet.

I have a wonderful family and recently moved to the Pacific Northwest (I work remotely for Netlify, as does approximately 50% of the company). I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area (shoutout Greensburg), and lived in Central Pennsylvania for 10 years.

I’m a Jesus follower because of his message of freedom and restoration. I’m not a very religious person, but my faith is a core part of who I am. My faith in the person and way of Jesus leads me to deeply value and care about things like social justice, human rights, diversity, equality, and loving and respecting every person I come in contact with as fellow members of the human family and as bearers of the divine image within us all.

In my “spare time” I enjoy getting away from the computer screen with other creative outlets like skateboarding & snowboarding, mural painting, working on my project car, making EDM and house mixes, bboying, cooking, rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and other nerdy stuff.

Now that you know so much about me, you should say hi!

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I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge those who have offered their work for the world to benefit from (including me while building this very website!). Lots of love and gratitude to those responsible for that work.

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